Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - Online Advancement

Pack, Troop and Crew Advancement Chairs: now has online advancements for your use.  Yes, the BSA is working toward a one-stop place for all you electronic scouting needs.
All your youth advancements can be documented on      Benefits:  provides a shopping list of awards, automatically update the official record at the Council office, avoid duplicating work with handwritten advancement records and your current electronic program.
Using for reporting advancement and awards is not yet required but may be in the near future. 
Now that you are interested what do you do?  You send an email to me (Mikel Shelton asking for your unit's advancement code.  In return, I'll send you the code plus a PowerPoint presentation that walks you through the login process.
I'm looking forward to the units in Arlington flooding my in box!  Kelsey will also have the codes at Roundtable Tuesday night.
Foreshadow:  There are other advancement related items that will require the use of in the very near future.  So, be a trail blazer and make the transition now!
Mikel Shelton, CPA
Cross Timbers District
Advancement Committee Chair

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