Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Training Records - Journey to Excellence

BSA's Journey to Excellence Program uses a number of key performance indicators to measure success at the unit, district, and council levels.  For more information on Journey to Excellence, visit the following links:

One of the performance measures is Trained Leadership.  Training leaders originates from a variety of sources: online training through; district-level training; council-level training; Philmont Training Center; and many other sources. 

While the courses successfully completed online are easily tracked and recorded by BSA National, in-person or classroom training records are not always tied back to the individual's MyScouting account.  This can occur for several reasons: the name of the individual registered for the class does not match BSA records (e.g., a scouter signs in as Herb Smith, when he is recognized by BSA as John Herbert Smith); records get turned in, but are never entered or misplaced; or, records never get turned in to council.  The Cross Timbers District Training Chair is responsible for submitting all in-person training records to the Longhorn Council.  Please note that while the Cross Timbers District is responsible for providing training, we do not track individuals at the unit level.  This is because volunteers constantly change positions, change units, or leave scouting.

To assist the units in record keeping of adult training, I have developed a Unit Training Tracker.  The first tab of the spreadsheet is the BSA Training Continuum.  This represents 95% of the training that is available to adult leaders and identifies required and recommended training for each position.  The second tab is Unit Record Sheet that allows you to track specific training records within you unit.  For example, this would easily allow you to determine which scouters need to update their Youth Protection.

BE FOREWARNED, in the near future, scouters will NOT be allowed to recharter if they are not fully trained for their positions.  So, this is a great time to get your training records in order.  It is a good idea for each unit to record each leader's date of training and maintain a copy their training card.  The first training card is always free; the next one will cost you. J

If you have taken any classes in the last six years from the Cross Timbers District, it is highly probable that I have a record of your attendance/completion of the course.  The courses most likely include: Cub Leader Specific Training (prior to; BALOO – Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation; SM/ASM Leader Specific Training; IOLS – Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Training; and Committee Challenge.  I do not have records from training attended in other districts.  Remember – Youth Protection Training (YPT) is required for all registered scouters and can be taken online    

I hope this is helpful tool for your units.  Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or recommendations.


Jerry Smiley
Cross Timbers District Training Chair
214.437.2055 (cell)

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