Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Merit Badge News

The Welding Merit Badge is still in the works – now projected for release in early to mid-February.   Also, two other merit badges, Kayaking and Search and Rescue are now scheduled for release at the end of May, beginning of June.  Keep your eyes open!

We are still in need of District Counselors for five merit badges.  They are:
Fingerprinting          Oceanography           Plant Science            Sculpture                                              Small Boat Sailing

If you have someone in your unit that can counsel one of these badges, please have them fill out the required forms and get them to me.  If they are already a MB Counselor, have them call me.

Check this out!
Another updated version of the MBC Listing, dated 1/4/12, is posted at                                           The username is tiger and the password is Eagle29.  Both words are case sensitive.  Three new updates this year!!
Charlie Oliver

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