Thursday, February 16, 2012

Camp Card Info

Dear Camp Card Scouter:
It is the council's amended agreement with Kroger's corporate office that we will sell Popcorn in front of Kroger's but will refrain from selling camp cards in front of them.  This was made when forced to choose one or the other campaign. We apologize for any confusion there may have been.  The Kroger Stores are NOT to be contacted.
The Camp card campaign should be very effective in helping boys to pay for camping opportunities even without selling at the Kroger stores.  Not only will the customer get their $5.00 back on groceries, they get $ 1.00 immediately on Wendy's, 50% off on Ranger tickets, 33% off on Pappa John's pizza, and more.
The cards will be available between Feb. 24 and 27th.  We will pre count out 20 cards for each youth you reported as selling.  They may have more cards at your request.  Stay in touch with your DE and with Becky.  To access the Leader's Guide, please follow this link:
Thanks very much.
Kathy McLean
Finance Secretary

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