Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scout Happenings with the Texas Brahmas Hockey Club

Few big scout nights coming up with the Brahmas.   Next we have youth jersey night on January 28th against the Laredo Bucks.   First 1000 kids twelve and under get a Brahmas youth jersey which this year are white and feature the purple bull logo on the front.   We have backpack night on February 10th against our biggest rivals, the Allen Americans.   Then the next two scout nights are EPIC.   We return to the Fort Worth Convention Center to play March 2nd and 3rd versus the Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees.    March 2nd is cap night, and March 3rd is Star Wars Night where we will have several characters from the series out to mingle amongst the fans.   When I say characters I don't mean Harrison Ford I mean storm troopers and Jawas and the like.   The 501st Legion is a Star Wars club where members have authentic costumes from the movies such as storm troopers, and Darth Vader, etc.    All scout tickets are $8, so let me know if your pack, troop, or den wants to get on board.

Chad Siewert
Director of Sales
Texas Brahmas Hockey Club

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