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A Note from the DE on FOS

Medieval Time Scout Knights


August eNewsletter

THANK YOU!  If your son is a participant in one or more of the council's programs, THANK YOU for your support.  If you are a volunteer in a local unit or at any other level in Scouting, THANK YOU for your commitment to Scouting Values.  If you are a supporter and donor through any giving opportunity, THANK YOU!  Your investment is greatly appreciated and used very carefully to best benefit our members. Scouting Values and Service:  How is Scouting connected with what happened this month in 1974 in the United States?  Read more Business as Usual:  While local constituents may worry about how Scouting will be affected by recent changes in membership requirements, a recent survey of donors reveals most are staying true to the program's values.  Read more Tell the Truth:   Longhorn Council CEO responds to misinformation.  Read more Fall Popcorn Sale Expected to Have the Largest Participation Ever:  Attendance at Popcorn Retreats in July causes volunteer Popcorn Sale leadership to expe…

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Our summer vacation is nearly over and it's just about time to return to school - please hold your applause - I know you're as excited as I am!   I hope you've all enjoyed a great summer.  For this month's activity, let's celebrate the end of summer with a swim party at the Elks Lodge!  We'll also cook up some hot dogs and enjoy any other refreshments we can come up with. You don't need to bring anything except your trunks and a towel, but if you'd like to, feel free to bring a bag of chips, a few cookies, a soft drink, or any other goodies you'd care to share. Also, we've got two upcoming Ordeals: the next Ordeal dates are August 23-25 at Worth Ranch and September 20-22 at Sid Richardson.  Please remind candidates that they need to attend an Ordeal weekend to complete their journey into the OA, and current Ordeal members are encouraged to seal their OA membership by doing…

Recruiting for new members!

Robert Blake

Really?? Did you know that....

An entire room of dedicated scouts does not know that the district has a website??

I did not until I attended this evening round table.. The speaker asked if we had a website for the distinct and ....... we all heard crickets.

We have been attempting for more than a year to get the word out for the distinct website and blog...

Please urge all new and old scouts to sign up on the blog and to bookmark the district site..  It is the place were all new information is placed and all old information is available in the archives..

You can even send me emails to get important item about your troop / Pack /Crew information out..

Fundraisers, court of honors, eagle projects, advancements, events, pictures, etc..

This is a great way to get some additional recognition for the unit as well as help the district grow.

I welcome and ideas or comments!!

Robert Blake
District Communications Chair