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2014 Camp Cards

Leaders and Volunteers,
The 2014 Camp Card Campaign is getting ready.  This is the first of several communications to alert you.  The Kroger dates will run the weekends from March 13-15 thru the April 12th weekend.  The following weekend is Easter this year.  Our sales campaign is March 8th through April 27th with money and card turn in set for May 2nd.  Those dates are pretty fixed.  The distribution of cards and return of cards will be coordinated through the districts and will be on varying dates.
The Kroger sites will be registered through a website again.  It will open January 6th for reserving sites and dates.  We did not fill all the available slots last year.
We are working on dates for 'best  practice' round-robin discussions so those coaching units (we have Popcorn Kernels and now-Camp Card Coaches) can share ideas.
A sample of what will be on the cards:
North—Kroger, Dick's Sporting Goods, Texas Rangers, Bass Pro, Medieva…

November eNewsletter

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              Volume 1 Issue 5
November 12, 2013

NOVEMBER eNEWSLETTER As we reflect upon this season of Thanksgiving, many of us are reminded of things that are most important to us - things like family, faith and service to others.  We are all moved to reconsider our priorities in this season of Thanksgiving and sharing. Scouting's legacy to the world is evident in year after year of our country's last 100 years.  Read about the significance of the "The Eagle has landed." LHC Scouting membership appears unaffected by policy change.  Early results indicate that the high profile membership change earlier this year by BSA National is having little impact on membership in many parts of the council.  Read the story! LHC Eagle Scout competes in area and state marching band competitions. What should your unit be doing this winter?  Some of the best activities for your Den or…

Mountain Man Rendezvous at Sid

Did you know about the Mountain man event??

Booyah! Free-trappers, Mountain men, Flat-landers and Greenhorns!

NRA - Range Safety office course

For those of you that will need the second trained person to open the range we still have openings for the RSO Class at Worth Ranch. Saturday November 16,2013. Application attached.


Scout Roundtable Coming Soon

Wow! The District has had a flood of Eagle Boards-of-Review recently. Some really remarkable young men have achieved their goal and reached the Eagle rank.While there may not be any short-cuts on the trail to Eagle, at the next Scout Roundtable you may receive a road-map (or should I say 'the coordinates'?)!
At the November 12th Scout Roundtable [7:30PM, Pantego Christian Academy] recognized Advancement Expert – MikelShelton – will speak to us about what's happening in the world of Scout advancement. There are changes ahead for our district. And there are new merit badges to earn. And more!
You are encouraged to attend and bring your unit's advancement chair-person so the Scouts in your unit will continue up the advancement ladder! Come with your questions.
Also the District Comment Box will be set up to accept your questions, comments, and complaints. Additionally we may have some out-of-district guests to make a special presentation. AND we will squeeze in a litt…