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Aquatic School - More than just a swim, an excellent leadership course

Aquatic School is a great program for our youth and this might be the only way one gets to hear about it. We also have a website and Facebook page, that would be super easy for readers to access to gain more information. The website is & the Facebook page is

Getting this information out is invaluable and your help is greatly appreciated, thank you. ​Please let me know if I can help or more information is needed or if anyone has any questions.


Chad A. Hay

(817) 480-7412

Longhorn Council Aquatic School

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Wear It! Love It! Scout It!

Spring 2014: What to Wear!
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Spring's Best BSA® Looks and Year 'Round Performance Choices!

It's Spring! The siren call for all Scouts to get out there and experience everything BSA's about. So... not only do we have all the outdoor hardware you need (camping gear and such), we've got some pretty cool "softwear" as well.

Don't miss out on these exciting NEW BSA® CASUAL APPAREL choices for 2014...

A best-ever T-shirt selection:
• Exciting new graphics including classic, retro, and distressed designs
• Super-soft fabrics and performance styles
• Styles for Men, Ladies', Youth, and Toddlers

An all-new BSA® Men's Jacket selection:
• Your choice of styles – all great-looking and smart as they come
• Blends of high-performance features, s

Booth Sales Conduct


Robert Blake
Bit by Bit Computer Consultants
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Scouts wanted for Arlington house project

I am following up on our Foundations plan to assist a needy homeowner with cleaning her yard.  Late last year you visited our Foundation and you were interested in being involved with our project.  If you are still interested in having a Troop or group of scouts being involved, we are planning to work on the yard on April 5, 2014 beginning at 9:00 AM and hopefully finish by Noon.
Please contact me and confirm your interest.
Thank you, Larry W. Johnson, RCE President/CEO Arlington Board of REALTORS® 817 701-2490 Arlington, Tx.

Kids Safety Fair!


USS Constitution Interpretive History Presentations

Scout Leaders,

Sailors from the USS Constitution will be in Fort Worth and Dallas in April for the Air Show at the Joint Naval Air station in Fort Worth, April 26 and 27.ors e dressed in uniforms from the 1800's They have extended an invitation to the community to provide hands on historical presentations about the USS Constitution.They are available April 23, 25, 26, and27th. The sailors prefer groups of 100 or more. 
Sailors come dressed in uniforms from the 1800's and provide educational interactions about the USS CONSTITUTION'S history and current activities.These interpretive history presentations are normally 45 minutes in length and include 'handson' artifacts.
If you are interested, please contact Ms. Arwen Consaul, Public Affairs Specialist by phone at 210-295-6927or by faxat 210-295-6740 to check on availability and to schedule a presentation.
There is an Eagle Scout on the crew and he would be happy to come as well.
Sounds great for a Pack meeting or a large …

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If I can help in anyway, please let me know.


Robert Blake
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Boy Scout Leader Training

North Star Boy Scout Leader Training Spring 2014 Course March 29, 2014 & April 11- 13, 2014 Longhorn Council, BSA Tejas District (Scouters from all districts are welcome) What is North Star?The Tejas District’s nickname for the BSA Basic Boy Scout Leader Training courses.This is comprised of two sections, which follow BSA training syllabi. You may of heard of 4 Wind’s, Rocking Chair etc…
Who needs North Star? ·Both sessions of North Star are required training for Scoutmasters and Asst. Scoutmasters ·Suggested training for Committee Chair and other committee personnel ·Also suggested training for Webelos leaders and Cubmasters to increase their depth of Scouting knowledge to make a better Webelos program in their pack and to prepared boys better to move on into Boy Scouts ·Meet the pre-requisites for