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5 infamous internet Scams

The Internet can be a dangerous place if you are not careful and cautious online. Many people fall victim to cyber crime and fraud because of greed, ignorance, and carelessness. To make you aware, this article reveals five common online scams that you should watch out for. 
1. Nigerian 419 Scam You may receive an email that asks you to help a "rich" Nigerian family transfer a huge amount out of the nation. In return, you will be promised a generous percentage of the transaction. The email will ask you to pay "processing" fees first. Delete this type of email to be on the safe side. 
2.  Lottery Scam This scam also plays on people's greed. You will be informed that you have won a lottery even though you never entered one in the first place. The email will request your financial details that are sure to be used for identity theft or fraud. Rein in your greed, delete the email immediately, and do not contact the sender.
3. Phishing Emails "Phishing" is conside…

118 Webelo Pin College

Our Troop 118 is sponsoring a pin college for Webelos.  If any of the boys want to attend, have their parents complete the attached form.  We would love to have them there.


Webelos Welcome; Challenge & Open House

Webelos Welcome; Challenge & Open House
Monday Nov 3, 7-9pm
Free Survival bracelet to Weblos that complete challenge!
·Catapult Pumpkin Smash ·Scout made rope bridge - don't fall in the "alligator pit" below! ·Build a campfire - timed event! ·"What is wrong with this campsite?" ·Funnel Cakes /Cheaper than the Fair because their free Plus-Plus - Openings available, come join us. ·380 Dec 2&3 Holiday Lock-In preview / Fun, Food, Video Games, Dodge ball, Bowling, Laser Tag, ·Summer Camp 2015 Preview /Camp Alexander Colorado + Whitewater Rafting & Pikes Peak ·High Adventure 2015 Bahamas Preview ·Jan 17-19 2015 USS Lexington Live-Aboard + Mustang Island 380 weekend w/Webelos