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The Longhorn Times December 5, 2014

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              Volume II Issue 20
December 5, 2014
Snowball Express Is in Dire Need of Your Help! Service is one of the cornerstones of Scouting. It is our duty and privilege to serve others. Seldom, though, do we sacrifice our lives doing so.  Those who serve our country in combat many times end up sacrificing their lives. That's what the Snowball Expressis about. The event includes an all-expense paid trip to DFW for deceased veteran's children to meet/socialize with other children that have lost a parent during combat since 9/11.  American Airlines charters them in from all four corners of U.S., and some from abroad.  There is an opening ceremony/party (Thursday, December 11th– 6pmish) at the FTW convention center that is a surprise for attendees.   The event is in dire need of ushers to assist families to their sea…

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The Nanny Report - November 2014

November 2014In this month's newsletter:Parents and online safety, harmful apps, internet safety tips, and much more. Enjoy! Internet Safety: The Biggest Mistake (Smart) Parents Make A little girl goes to a friend's home to play. Instead of playing with dolls, the two girls hide away in the closet and watch hard-core porn on the family's iPad. Is the fact that the iPad was not password-protected the biggest mistake parents make? Nope. Smart parents understand that the Internet is a dangerous place for kids. To protect their children's developing minds, they install filters on their computers and password protect mobile devices. They may even reach out to other parents to make sure they are doing the same. Read more >> via net nanny Harmful Apps to Be Aware Of You may be familiar with some of the more common apps that your children use, such as Facebook or Instagram. However, there are a lot of apps that you may not know about that you should be familiar with. Many of…