Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Merit Badge News

Time for re-certification has passed!!!!!!!!

I sent out 227 re-certification emails with attachments on Friday, April 6th, over a month ago and have not heard back from 94 counselors.  That is over 41% that did not respond.  I will wait one more week which means that the cutoff date is May 16, 2012.  Don’t forget that a new YPT certificate will be required for all those whose YPT expires this year.

Keep a lookout  for the Kayaking Merit Badge  It should be coming out the end of May  The Search and Rescue Merit Badge should be out June or July

Don’t forget!

For the time being you are to still use the current version of the MBC Listing, dated 1/4/12, posted at crosstimbersdistrict.org/documents/badge.pdf.                                           The username is tiger and the password is Eagle29.  Both words are case sensitive.   This version is good until the re-certification process is completed.  Any questions, contact me.

Charlie Oliver

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