Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Please read- Arlington Cubbies need our help

Subject: Please read- Arlington Cubbies need our help
Date: December 15, 2014 at 3:30:42 PM CST

We currently do not have a Cross Timbers Day Camp Director or Program Director locked into place. The children of Arlington need you. We will send you to camp school, I have the budget from last year we can use, we will put on proper training and meetings beforehand to ensure proper communication. Please help us!
Attached is the guide. Page 24 and 30 are good references for the job description. Our first kick-off meeting is in January and I have NO ONE. Please don't just discard this email- I need names of people I can call to ask for help.
Thank you! My cell is 8176768731
Meaghan Lee  |  Cross Timbers District
Boy Scouts of America Longhorn Council
850 Cannon Drive  |  P.O. Box 54190
Hurst, Texas  76054-3191
P 817-231-8529  |  F 817-231-8600

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