Sunday, May 31, 2015

Retreats, Retreats are Coming to Town Soon!

Unit Kernels:
Sorry for delay, our volunteers are ready to train!   Your dates and locations are on this flyer.  Troops we have new incentives for prizes at retreats for you, so please send a representative.  Sea Base Contingency and all!  Please register on this site so we can know you are coming, if you receive this and you are not doing popcorn forward to your Scout Master or Cub Master so they can help us by assigning someone else.
Please forgive us if you receive this more than once, we do our best to get it out to the masses.
Let's Start Our Engine and Pop Some Popcorn!
We have attached Popcorn Dates, Commission, Printed Sheet for Show and Sell Sites for Product Cost, and Show and Sell Forms for your convenience.  At retreats this year, we will have fill it up prize (remote cars), Take Order Forms, Show and Sell Signs, and Military Receipts, so Register by June 25th so we can have your materials ready to hand to you.
Renee Poppin Horton

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