Thursday, September 10, 2015

Service hours- After Dark in the Park - River Legacy

Subject: After Dark in the Park 

I am looking for some Boy Scout involvement in After Dark in the Park for the River Legacy Living Science Center. This is an annual fund raising even for the science center. It runs from Friday, Oct. 9 through Sunday, Oct. 11th from 4 to 10pm all three nights. The event attracts families with young children to pre-teens and grand parents. The Camping Area is one that can be entertaining for all those ages.

The Camping Area is going to be great this year. We are going to have sing-a-longs, lessons in knot tying, ghost stories and a some games.

I need volunteers in two to three hour shifts. If anyone can teach knot tying that would be wonderful. We will provide the rope. I have some funny ghost stories chosen so if there is a good story teller, I need him.

We have a simple version of Werewolf that will be fun for children aged six or seven and up though adult. Friday night my son is going to lead it, but I need a dramatic volunteer for Saturday and Sunday nights. 

Does anyone have a badge they are working toward? We will try to work it in.

I need to know ahead of time who is coming and when. Planning makes the machine run smoother! I think it is tons of fun. I am sure anyone who volunteers will have fun too.

Boy Scouts are welcome to come in uniform, bring fliers or a sign and to contact Kristi Payne, Marketing Coordinator for the Rivery Legacy Living Science Center to see about putting some cross promotion on the RL and Scouts web sites.

If you have any questions, please call me. My home number with an answering machine is 817-860-6905, cell 682-203-0532.

Thanks in advance for anything you can do.
Marylee Thomason

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