Sunday, September 13, 2015

What is going on with the Crosstimbers website and communications??

If you have not looked lately we have a new website.. It is consolidation of all of our resources and communication..

The blog is still the heart of our communication system. When something is posted to the google blog, it is sent out the following day to our email list as a summary email.  It is also posted to our Facebook page.

let me state that again "WHEN YOU POST TO THE BLOG... IT UPDATES THE WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, AND SEND AN EMAIL" all with one post.

You can find all the latest information from the blog under news at

if you need to get information out one in a while, please send it to the

  • If you post information allot, please ask to be added to the blog as an author. 

  • If you are responsible for an activity or area that needs a page on the website, please let us know.  

Please sign up on the new website at

We would really like to here about your fundraisers, eagle projects, trainings, and other events around scouting.

I look forward to hearing what your thoughts..


Robert Blake

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