Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cross Timbers District Camporee 2016

Cross timbers District

Western Adventure Camporee

February 19 – 21- 2015



Program of Events

Friday 2/19

                Troops arrive / check in / establish camp

                8 PM  Captain Kidd Council Ring - Introductory Campfire


                        History of Worth Ranch 

                        Describe the events of tomorrow morning / rules / equipment

                        Describe the events of tomorrow afternoon / rules

                        Campfire Story



                9 PM Rosier Dining Hall – Cracker Barrel

                                All Troops need to be represented

For staff / Scoutmasters / SPL only

Address events and detailed rules for tomorrow
Saturday 2/20

                8:45 AM troop assemble for flag raising

                9:00 AM Flag Raising – by ________?____

                The WR Hunt – envelopes distributed – one per patrol

Special: Venture Crew 1872 will demonstrate how the 4th US Calvary operated 150 years ago. The crew will encourage Scout participation – with their cannon!

                Giant Jenga – any time

                Museum is to be opened 9:15 - noon

                9:10 AM morning events begin

·        Pioneer Construction Challenge #1__ staffed by____

·        Pioneer Construction Challenge #2 __ staffed by ___

·        Broken Arm Barrel Roll ___staffed by  Bob Watson &  Chase Albert

·        Flap-jack flipping ______staffed by _____

·        Tomahawk Throwing  ___ staffed by Rodney Gibson

·        Fire building with an axe ____ staffed by _____

·        Other

Turn in your WR Hunt Answers.

11:45 AM  Dismiss for lunch

1:00 PM    Assemble at the flag pole / Just-for-Fun-Events

                Last chance to turn in your WR Hunt answers

·        1:00 Egg Relay from Flag Pole to Boat Docks and Back

·        2:30 Camp-wide Capture the Flag 

·        Free time

4:30 PM    Dismiss for dinner

6:30PM     Retreat the flag by Venture Crew 1872

7:00 PM    Order of the Arrow Campfire



                Campfire Story

                OA Call Out

                Good Night              
Do not Go into another unit’s campsite without being invited.

Follow the Scout Oath and scout law.

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