Monday, November 7, 2016

November XT Dist Com Training Report

Cross Timbers Training Report November 1, 2016
1.     1. Fall Training Dates:   District Training registration see District Website
November 10  - COR – Charter Organization Representative Specific Training     LDS California Bldg.   4 signed up                
November 19 - University of Scouting – Council   TTC Trinity River Campus Downtown Ft. Worth

2.      2. Trainings Completed:
September 24  - BALOO – 12 Participants  - 8 XT 4 Out of District

October 8   -    Scoutmaster and ASM Specific Training - Cancelled
October 22     Cubmaster/ACM Specific Training               3 all Tejas
         Pack Committee Specific Training                0
         Den Leader /ADL Specific Training                2 XT

3.     3. Face to Face Training for Winter Camp and Winter Twin Arrows

Our certification with the State expired in August and has not been renewed. Scouters with expired Face to Face YPT need to go to State website and take another training. Any Face to Face Training taken since August is not valid if the State does a check. (List Attached) (via Council Training Committee)

4.    4.   Serious need to clear up my.scouting  problems for District and Council JTE

We are within a small number of moving our JTE up (see attached District Training report)
  1. I will enter training and there will be tables and computers to help clear up problems at Council Camporee and University of Scouting.
  2. There are several people with multiple numbers and using temporary numbers; Temporary numbers are short and often start with 2 

5.     5. New "Troop Committee Challenge" Training Syllabus out

6.     6. Tentative XT Spring Training             working on locations etc. to get on council and district Web before Dec.

February 4   -    Location TBA           change ? all Venture & ILSC and ILSY with Train the Trainer another date
  • Venture Advisor Specific Training    9:00 am - 11:30am
  • ILSC/ILST - Introduction for Leadership Skills for Crews and Troops  Youth Training (Adults welcome)  12:30 – 3:30
February 11   - 8:00 am - 1:30 PM    
Scoutmaster and ASM Specific Training - Location TBA           First Methodist ?

February 18  - Council Office EDGE

? February 25  -Den Chief need date
March 3 -4         MK Ranch Near Waxachie          Combined with Tejas 

April 8        9 am to 12  - Location TBA            change times / offerings/ Location
Cubmaster/ACM Specific Training
Pack Committee Specific Training
Den Leader /ADL Specific Training
April 8 -  9 am to 11:30 am   Location TBA  
COR – Charter Organization Representative Specific Training

April 22  BALOO  8:30 to 3:30  Location TBA

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