Thursday, May 23, 2019

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 Cross Timbers District Friends of Scouting Campaign

Longhorn Council’s annual budget requires about $320 of donations per registered Scout so they can operate.  We all know the benefits of the Scouting program for our youth and adults so why do some Units provide support while others provide little or not at all?  Scout registration fees and the extra fees charged by the Units don’t support the Longhorn Council.  
The Friends of Scouting Campaign supports about 25% of the operating budget. To make up the remaining 75% the Council must look outside of the Scouting family to make their budget to keep the doors open.  The Council also provides an afterschool program for roughly 4,000 Tarrant County youth in 51 schools through Unit and corporate donations.
Unlike other Charitable organizations you know your donations are kept right here at home making a difference for your sons and daughters.  Keeping our camps open for your use, providing staff, other facilities, support for the Units and Charter Partners.

The District would like to recognize the following Units for attaining their 2019 Friends of Scouting goal.  It’s not too late to provide the much-needed support for your Council.  Go to, and donate.  We’ll add your Unit to next month’s newsletter!

100% + of FOS Goal Club
Troop 5
Pack 68
Troop 68
Pack 378
Troop 379
Troop 380
Troop 445
Troop 445G
Troop 520
Troop 545
LDS Ward 633
Close to making goal: Troop 396, Troop 517 & LDS Ward 733
These Units will receive free advancement for a year or a camping option, (Cub Scouts) as an added incentive and “thank you” for their 100% goal achievement.  The District is only $2,000 short of our District goal for JTE… can we make it?

Your small or large commitment now makes a difference for Longhorn Council Scouting. 
Please go to, and donate.

Thank you for all that you do for Scouting!

David Shuford
District Chairman – Cross Timbers District
Longhorn Council – Certified Trainer
National Eagle Scout Assoc. – Life Member
cell 817-692-1764

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