Sunday, December 8, 2019

Roundtable - Tuesday night - Re-Charter Turn-in and Holiday Party

Roundtable - Tuesday night - Pantego Christian Academy, 2201 W Park Row 

Re-Charter Turn-in and Holiday Party at 7PM

Here is the list of what ALL units should bring:

–Signed Recharter Papers

–Adult and Youth Applications listed on page 1

–One Blank Check- Signed

–Completed/Signed JTE Unit Award Form

–Family FOS Presentation Date

–Checked Check list from Council Web Site   file:///H:/Recharter-Turn-In-Check-List-11.13.2019.pdf

Please contact your Unit Commissioner, if you have any questions, or know that you will not be ready by Roundtable.  Make arrangements with your commissioner to turn-in your re-charter at a later date, if needed.    

Do NOT turn in Re-Charters directly to the Longhorn Council. 
All units must turn in re-charters through the Commissioner staff, and the District Commissioner. 

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